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Jan Round Up – 2pts profit

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All in all certainly a below par month and not what we’re used to on the service. 5 winning bets out of 15 advised meant our Strike Rate sat at 33%, short of our highly anticipated 50-60%.

Nonetheless, profit is still profit and we have have not had a losing month yet. 

Feb is off to a bang already with a 5/2 winner and a 14/1 winner (Kalashnakov) ensuring a profitable start already. New members may trial a bet with us.


Below is Jan’s selections. Each horses name and running profit alongside.

Date Horse Running Profit
Jan 1 Volcano -£50.00
Jan 4 American Life -£100.00
Jan 4 Leonard Thomas -£150.00
Jan 6 Another Venture -£37.50
Jan 11 Dresden £112.50
Jan 13 Anna Medici £62.50
Jan 16 Born to Size £12.50
Jan 18 Vicenzo Mio (EW) £137.50
Jan 18 Actinpieces £287.50
Jan 20 Guitar Pete £237.50
Jan 20 Ubaltique £362.50
Jan 23 Canford Thompson £312.50
Jan 25 Pleasant Company £262.50
Jan 28 Indian Hawk £212.50
Jan 31 Ardean Lass £162.50
Jan 31 Unit of Assessment £112.50




£1088 profit (Dec) – £50 stakes

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44% Strike rate, 22pts profit (£1088 profit @ £50 stakes), throughout December ’17.

A slightly below average strike rate this month, but with some great wins including that late update 12/1 winner December ended up another great month for the bank… We’ll definitely be looking to bring some more of those throughout Jan.

A shaky start to the month so far, but we’re back to a full house, we’ve got some key dates on the post for January and we look forward to another profitable month.

Here’s the results and balances in full:

Dec 2 Merten 6/5 -£50.00
Dec 2 Sumkindofking 5/2 -£100.00
Dec 5 Landing night 11/8 -£150.00
Dec 5 Diamond Avalance 12/1 £450.00
Dec 8 Calipto 5/2 £400.00
Dec 8 Titan Godess 3/1 £550.00
Dec 9 Pop Rockstar 7/2 £725.00
Dec 13 Maratha 6/1 £675.00
Dec 15 Peter the Mayo Man 11/4 £812.50
Dec 16 Keeper Hil 5/2 £937.50
Dec 17 Midnight Silver 3/1 £1,087.50
Dec 20 Deux Pretender 3/1 £1,037.50
Dec 23 Ubaltique 4/1 £1,237.50
Dec 26 Tonto’s Spirit 3/1 £1,187.50
Dec 28 Swashbuckle 5/2 £1,137.50
Dec 30 Frederici 7/2 £1,087.50

November. Another profitable month.

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£343 Running Profit. 164% Return on Investment.

An unfortunate dip in form towards the end of the month  certainly dented all our financials. But nonetheless, an outstanding performance by the RIUK team and our network has circumed to an average 50% strike rate for the month – slightly lower than average, but still generating a 164% return on investment.

Remember, we’re in the long game and we provide to be profitable month on month. Level stakes. Consistency. Quality. Here’s the month in snapshot:


Besides the financials, we’ve seen some absolutely fantastic performances from some of our winners this month. Our highlight certainly has to be Nico de Boinville having Top Notch in the perfect position. The 5/2 joint-favourite went on to score by eight lengths from Double Shuffle and was a performance Simon Munir & Isaac Souede. Our max win bet of the month absolutely hacked up.


GET INVOLVED. We stand by our network of contacts, we stand by our long term value strategy and pride ourselves in authenticity. That’s why we show all winners AND losers. Expect nothing less.