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How often do you put out information?

In comparison to a lot of tipsters out there, we are extremely selective with what information we put out. A lot of time is spent gathering data and news from our contacts, and after in-depth analysis, only the most thorough, quality and strongest information gets shared with our members.

What is The RIUK Weekend Line?

We understand some less serious punters just want a light bet, and they aren’t too concerned with long term profit.

The RIUK Weekend Line is a way for punters to access some of our selections on a Saturday or Sunday with the day’s selection named within 30 seconds.

Note: Our most quality information is exclusive to our members only – although we do notice some of our members capitalise on The Weekend Line also.

Who is behind the RIUK team?

Having been established since 2010, we are currently a team of 6 with prior experience working for major bookmakers as odds compilers, racehorse owners, and professional gamblers. Alongside our vast network of contacts, we like to think we’ve got a lot of resource behind us.

Do you bet yourselves?

Yes. Although it’s not as easy due to the majority of our accounts being either blocked or restricted.